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Poor Pluto : - Digital Art & Design
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Poor Pluto

May 19, 2007

With Earth as the leader, the planets of the Solar System have turned against poor Pluto excluding him from their group of planets. He is now demoted to a dwarf planet.

This contemporary themed image is build upon events in which Pluto was degraded and reclassified to a dwarf planet. It is now no longer part of the classic line of planets in our Solar System as I've been used to. It's strange when you've been able to memorize the planets ever since you were a kid and for the future will have to leave this little icy rock out.

I liked doing a smaller and less extensive project for a change. I had this simple idea, and worked on/off for about a week before completing this. I had great fun stuffing as many little funny details into the image as I could, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it!

Thanks to all those who posted feedback in the wip-threads at and Blender Artists Forums! High quality prints and t-shirts of "Poor Pluto" are now available for purchase at!


Width: 1024 pixels
Width: 1600 pixels

Special appearances

"Poor Pluto" has since its creation appeared in galleries and websites small and large, including multiple astronomy related blogs. It has also been used by various students and teachers in schools.

"Pluto's Not a Planet" cover

American folk rock artist Jerry Popiel has used Poor Pluto as the cover of his single "Pluto's Not a Planet". I did a less cropped version of my original piece for the cover. The single is available for download at iTunes or June 10, 2007.

During the summer of 2007, "Poor Pluto" had a brief appearance on the front page. Rapidly receiving thousands of diggs it ultimately reached 1st place on the Top 10 of all topics. This put extreme load on my host's server; the website statistics in one single day (June 10, 2007) reached a record of 100.000 visits and over ½ million hits! Thanks to my host Firm-Ware for the excellent hosting service that still managed to keep the website running during this.

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